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Our Products

Potency & Efficacy. We strive to support optimal health outcomes by focusing on therapeutic, synergistic formulations aimed to exceed industry standards. And most importantly, labels that are NOT misleading.

Our Ingredients

Clean & Conscious. Our supplements are 100% gluten-free, soy-free, & free of artificial sweeteners. 75% of our product lines include vegetarian, dairy-free, & Non-GMO options.

Our Facilities

Transparency over Trends. Our products are manufactured in a NSF-certified GMP facility in compliance with the FDA regulations, and in accordance to cGMPs.

Our Footprint

Sustainable & Eco-friendly. Amber Glass is 100% recyclable & free of endocrine disruptors. It provides a greater barrier for ingredients from the permeability of oxygen, moisture, & UV exposure. Its composition wastes less energy in manufacturing & boasts maximum shelf-life preservation for supplements.

Who are we? We are the builders of a new product paradigm, a health shift towards nutraceutical labels you can trust. By addressing the complexities of the human anatomy and physiology, we have developed simplified supplementation solutions.