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28-Day Bodyweight Babe Challenge: Workout & Nutrition Program

$39.00 Regular price $28.00
26 reviews

28-Day Bodyweight Babe Challenge: Workout & Nutrition Program

$39.00 Regular price $28.00
26 reviews

It’s time to TRANSFORM the way your workout. 
It’s time for you to build the body you DESERVE.

Ditch that gym membership and stop listening to people who say you need to lift weights to get in shape. It’s time to build muscle strength & power using just YOUR BODY.

That’s right, we said it: ZERO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED.

Bodyweight Programs are now more popular than ever before, and one of the FASTEST growing fitness trends. But this is not JUST a trend, Bodyweight Programs are here to stay.

The Anatomy Company has created the Bodyweight Babe Challenge, an INTENSE follow-along fitness program designed to OPTIMIZE your fitness performance.

Over the course of 28-DAYS you will learn how progressive overload, cardio-circuits, rep-range & volume, consistency, and decreased rest & recovery transform the overall physique.  

As a bonus we have included:
+ Program Prep & Tips for Success
+ A Clean-Eating Grocery List
+ 28-Day Meal Planning
+ Lean Performance Recipes (ie. Protein Bars, Smoothies, Waffles, Nourish Bowls)
+ Progress Tracking & Journaling

The only Weight & Motivation you need is your OWN, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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United States United States
Straightforward/accessible yet challenging enough for significant results

I work full-time on top of being a full-time graduate student, and while I’m generally healthy and fit, I needed something that could hold me accountable and give me the consistency I was lacking. The guidance the anatomy company gives makes it so easy make the proper choices for my diet and exercise because it’s all layed out for me. I love that I can do the workouts on my own time and from pretty much anywhere with my hectic schedule. I used to LIVE in the gym for years and felt bulky and inflamed.. I can see now from experience that body weight programs can be so much more effective to achieving your goals when you have the proper techniques which I’m so grateful this plan has given me. After a month of this program, I feel leaner, healthier, and even more energized and focused mentally. Whether you need a plan to give you fundamentals to start your fitness journey or you just need something to enhance your routine and give you structure, especially in this post-covid society we’re in, this program makes it possible!!

Carsynn F.
United States United States
Practitioner grade supplements are the best

Easy to follow and I didn't need any equipment with the workouts. It's crazy how much definition one can get using their own bodyweight, honestly, I had no idea. I'm new to the whole bodyweight craze. But their bodyweight ad did go viral on social media so figured I'd give it a go. Recipes are pretty simple, I actually already have a lot of these ingredients in my own home which was extremely helpful. However, their grocery list is a great bonus. I will be using this even when the program is over on my weekly whole foods runs. They schedule out your week Monday through Friday for breakfast lunch and dinner. They also add snack suggestions and trust me the salt and vinegar kale chips and the crispy zucchini fries are to die for. I really didn't have any issues cheating either. I mean I still could snack and eat dark chocolate. I reduced my alcohol and caffeine intake but never had to completely remove it from my diet. I stick to my two drinks on Saturdays and I'm good, besides you get weekends off with this program anyways so it's a pass in my book! Favorite Recipe is definitely the protein waffles. I use the chocolate and vanilla protein that the anatomy company sells. I like that their proteins are dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. And doesn't have GMOS. Oh and no added artificial sugars. Had absolutely NOOOOO idea the protein powder I was using before had raw cane sugar in it. Talk about belly bloat and weight gain. No thanks.I think I'm going to stick with this brand for awhile because I've had a great experience so far.

Mary A.
Nigeria Nigeria
Worth the value.

This is excellent and well worth the fee. I used it before and came back during covid lockdown. I do two a day of the workouts to jumpstart it. I will start using the menus soon, that's an extra bonus.

Nigeria Nigeria restrictions

I absolutely love this bodyweight challenge! It's super personalized and isn't super strict in regards of what you can eat or do for activities.

Nigeria Nigeria

Challenging workouts even at the lower levels. I've been using it for a week and notice a difference in my energy level and fitness level. Lovely recipes.

Selena A.
Nigeria Nigeria
You won't be disappointed.

This is the best fitness and health program I've used so far. I live with occasional sciatic nerve pain, and bad knees. This will allow you to adjust the difficulty AND exercise to fit your needs. Plus an amazing set of recipes for you.

Eleanor D.
Nigeria Nigeria

I honestly enjoy this more than than my fitness buddy... it's straightforward, easy to use and easy to prepare meals.

Diana R.
United States United States
Tips are the best part

I genuinely believe the Pre-program prep is the best feature in this program. I mean they even go as far as getting you ready to take this on 3-days out even before starting. It feels like a COMPLETE fitness guide. Not some basic influencer "workout like me and look like this". I need something that's informative and can give me new takeaways when working out. New challenges similar to this program. I'm 35 years old I obviously know how to exercise.

Shirley R.
Nigeria Nigeria

Easy to use and a fun variety for all skill levels. It helps me prepare healthy dishes for me and my family. Stop overthinking it and get started! Your mind, body, and stress level will thank you. I really love the progress tracker. Highly recommend.

Lorena H.
United States United States
Would still buy It again

PROS: Recipes are infact "clean eating" Rest on weekends Equipment isn't necessary Great for travelers on the go Great to do at home CONS: I have a treadmill in my home so some incline treadmill circuits would have been a nice *bonus* maybe you could add it in?

Nigeria Nigeria
I'm stuck to this!!

This is the best bodyweight product I've ever used it and it's really addicting I love how you have diet plans and a bunch of workouts to do.

Nigeria Nigeria
Wonderful product.

It's a wonderful product with great meals and varied excersises. I feel very challenged by the compact 10 minute sessions. The customised food recipes are delicious and as simple as you prefer.

Angela D.
Nigeria Nigeria

I really like it, I feel like I lose weight just following the food routine. It has healthy meals you can cook at home it shows the ingredients and instructions.This program really helped me.

Kristyn J.
Nigeria Nigeria
I love the food!!!

Well, so far this is the one of the most promising programs I've had. The food, exercise are just perfect.

Nigeria Nigeria

Outstanding health and fitness program without any of the gimmicky annoyances of other alternatives... just your well-being.

Tanisha S.
United States United States
More protein bar recipes please!

Wish they would have released the male one at the same time that way I could have done the program with my boyfriend. The gratitude/mindset journaling and progress tracker portions are standout features for me. I also really enjoy their vanilla protein powder. I use it in the Protein Waffle Recipe included in the program. Would Recommend.